Snacks To Avoid At Work, Studying Or Craving

by September 8, 2017 at 9:36 am

Snacks To Avoid At Work, Studying Or Craving

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Snacks To Avoid

Are you one for munching when you’re bored? Maybe it’s not boredom, per se, but when you’re at work your one-track mind leaves little to keep you from snacking? You wouldn’t be the first person to leave a working day and regret the so-called nutrition you consumed. If your food is your fuel you would ideally put into your body the energy that you need to stay fit and healthy to manage all that you have to get through in your busy day.


For anyone whose job involves a lot of sitting it’s understandable that you would avoid eating more than you would if you’re rushing about on your feet all day long, but it’s not entirely true. Your body’s functions use energy, your brain requires energy, and though you’re not exactly performing high-intensity training while seated at your computer, you still need to maintain a stable diet.

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For anyone who’s concerned about losing weight, remember that fasting isn’t the way to do it. If you go without food you will have no energy, you may dehydrate, get headaches, feel nauseous and weak. If you still think you’re on the right track or showing willpower of some sort, think again, as this approach will not only make you shorter tempered when given an assignment you don’t want to do, but it will slow down your metabolism so that you may put weight on faster after you’ve been fasting. For example, if you’re trying to go low intake throughout the week and treating yourself at the weekend, that will mean you’ll digest the food slower than you could and you’ll likely bloat.


Some of the worst foods you can eat are refined carbs. These are also known as empty carbs as they have little nutritional value and won’t fill you up, meaning you’ll be hungry again in no time and may eat more than you would of a healthier option. Refined carbs usually include processed and junk food. If there’s biscuits, chocolate, cakes and the likes being shared to keep your team going, curb your enthusiasm if you can and find some alternatives.

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Not all carbs are bad, though even the good kinds can leave you feeling heavy and can be difficult to digest, meaning you may bloat from sitting all day and you’ll feel sluggish when you’re next on the move. Other foods to avoid include those with high sugar, which can leave you irritable and suffer from high and low blood sugar levels, which will make working a misery.


Next up are salty foods. These can dehydrate and bloat you, leaving you feeling hungry. Some of the worst varieties of moreish foods that are sugar-filled and salty include party snacks that you wouldn’t think twice about eating while you’re at home moving around. Popcorn, pretzels and savory bowl mix at your desk will see you take one handful and then just one more for the rest of the day.


Not only will these fuels be counterproductive throughout your day, but also for your evening after. If you have plans to hit the gym or go training after the office, you’ll find you’re running on empty by the time you get there.


Snacks To Avoid At Work, Studying Or Craving

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